General Information

What is the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray?

The Clear Iridescent Energy Ray CIER) is the combination of all color or energy rays. The CIER is a new healing and manifestation modality given to humankind by Archangel Michael. The CIER helps you channel energy across Time, Space, and all dimensions in order to heal yourself, others, and the planet. The CIER can also be used to direct energy toward your wishes and desires in order to help them to manifest in reality. The attunements are free & by appointment only. I also announce public attunements on Facebook. There are two CIER courses: one that offers CIER Practitioner certification & the other offers CIER Teacher certification.

Who or What is Archangel Michael?

The name, "Michael" translates to, "he who is like God." Michael is an archangel who is mentioned by name in The Bible. He is the Prince of the Heavenly Host & is the general of God's army of angels. He is the Archangel of both the Blue Ray & the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray. He is most famous for being the angel to cast Lucifer and his followers out of Heaven when they rebelled against God. Michael is the Archangel of the Element of Fire & is primarily known as a protector and defender who fights evil forces. He is willing to work with anyone regardless of their religion or spiritual background and practices. Invite Michael into your life today to be your protector and champion.

About Nefer Khepri, PhD. Exclusive CIER Channel

I have channeled Archangel Michael since 1996. I opened my internet business, in 1998. I am a professional Tarot & Lenormand reader with over 30 years experience, a visionary artist, Wiccan priestess, & the creator & author of the multi-award winning "The Egyptian Lenormand" (Schiffer, 2015). I have always believed in doing what I can to help empower others to learn how to improve their own lives. The CIER is a tremendous gift to us all & it is my hope it will spread far & wide so that many people can begin using it to improve their lives. Please feel free to reach out to me in email if you have any questions.